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about the photographer

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Hi, I'm Tiff!

I'm a NYC based photographer who loves capturing special moments. Anyone can take a photo, but it takes skill to be able to make an ordinary photo into something great.

What sets me apart from the rest? I want to get to know you & your story. My photographs showcase raw emotion to truly freeze that important moment in time to showcase for years to come. When we work together, I become your shoulder to cry on, your hype man, and your new best friend!

From portraits to weddings to concerts to product photography, I do it all.

When working with me and my team, you get:

> A photographer with 6+ years of experience
> Wedding day problem solver
> Friend for a lifetime
> Digital + print photos
> Multiple editing styles
> Fully customizable pricing (since every event is different!)
> + so much more!

You can find my published works in issues of lucid magazine & unclear magazine.


meet my team!

RJ is just a happy boy born and raised in Jersey. He likes the simple things - taylor ham, bagels, snowboarding, and especially his cat, Bubba, and Parrot, Lulu. Goofy, cheerful, and fun loving, he started his video journey to show his love of all things - so others can see the world the happy way he does. Then he got engaged, and now all he can see is love everywhere. Naturally, he switched to filming weddings! Now he has the joy of capturing the realest moments of love, and showing couples their love through his eyes!



I'm RJ!

Santy Is a professional artist who grew up in Colombia. He was always eager to try different artistic endeavors and venturing in different disciplines which lead him to his two biggest passions: Music and Photography. 

After finishing his bachelor's degree in Music and living in New Zealand for a year, he decided to take a big leap and move to NYC in search of his lifelong passion for art and his dream of making it in the big city! 



I'm Santy!

contact us


You can contact tiff + the team by emailing at:,

or by filling out a form that can be found below.

Hope to hear from you soon!

Thanks! Message sent.

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